Too Funny…

Great blog in PW Shelftalker about the (horrifyingly bad) idea of adding advertisements to e-books on the Kindle. The title “Kindle at Poseidon’s Gate” naturally got my attention. I love Kenny Brechner’s suggestions for hyper-linked text from the classics. Virginia Woolf promoting Nordstrom’s, E.R. Eddison selling Pottery Barn, Homer pushing Pearl Vision — too funny. It may be meant as satire, but I think he’s onto the Next Big Thing. I mean, if we can do Pride & Prejudice w/ Zombies, why not? Full disclosure: I have a Kindle and I love it, but a) it will never take the place of good old-fashioned books, and b) I don’t want to read advertisements with my Charles Dickens, thank you very much.

Rick Riordan