So We Got a New House . . .

My spring wasn’t busy enough, so we decided it would be a good idea to buy a house. We’re not moving far – just about two miles from where we live now in San Antonio.

The new place isn’t huge, but it’s larger than our present house, and with the kids getting bigger, it will allow us a little more room to grow. As it is, every room in our house serves multiple purposes and there’s never enough room to store everything. I’m sure most people can relate to that. Now my home office can be just a home office, Becky gets her own office space, and the boys will each get their own bedroom. The cats are excited, too, because the house has an atrium. They are inside cats, but this way they can sit out in the sun, eat the plants and chirp at birds (their favorite pastimes) and still be inside! I’ve always wanted a house with an atrium. I’m a fan of Ancient Rome, so what would you expect? The dog also gets a bigger back yard, and a whole new set of neighbors to bark at. They will be so excited, I’m sure.

We’re remodeling the place, so we won’t actually be moving in for several months. I’ve always wanted to be one of those authors who have two homes. You know how their bios read on the back of their books: “Glamorous Author X winters in New York and summers in the South of France.” Now, for the next six months or so, I can be like that! I’m going to change my bio so it reads: “Rick Riordan summers inside of Loop 410, and winters outside of Loop 410.”

Alas, eventually we’ll sell the old place and be a one-home family again. So much for my fleeting attempt to be one of the beautiful people.

Another cool fact: We had to repaint the new house, and guess what color we picked out? “Zeus.” It’s a stormy gray-green, almost like camouflage. You can check it out at the Sherwin-Williams site if you’re into that kind of thing. When we saw the name of the color, we knew it was meant to be.

I’ll be on tour for the next month, so I won’t get to be around supervising the work, but hopefully sometime this summer we’ll be moving in. I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going at Zeus House!

Rick Riordan