Pictures from BookPeople

Thank you to Topher for sending pictures of the BookPeople World Release Party for The Last Olympian. The top three photos give you a sense for the size of the crowd. Topher says their best estimate puts the attendance at 4200, and number of books signed 5300, including all the backlist titles. The signing line lasted five solid hours, so I can believe it! Everyone was so patient and understanding though, and the staff kept things running smoothly as usual.

Picture 4 shows the Greek chariot, which was available for pictures. This is a perfect example of Topher at his best: “Hey, I found a chariot in somebody’s barn. Let’s use it!” I swear, if you asked the guy to produce a living hydra, he would make a few calls and find one.

Picture five shows some young gladiators at work. Below that, we have the unbelievable Mythomagic game board crafted just for the event (and I understand they’ll be using it at Camp Half-Blood, Austin this summer). Thanks to Tommy, our gamemaster, who taught us to play. Tommy had me inscribe his book this year ‘to the son of Apollo and Ares’ (Don’t ask).

Picture seven shows me running the gauntlet to the stage through a line of young demigods. Behind me, you can see Topher on the left and my editor Jen Besser on the right. Finally, there’s a picture of the youngest demigod, Grey, with his mom Ceci. (Proud papa Topher not pictured). Just about the cutest baby ever? Quite possibly.

A great event all the way around. Thanks, BookPeople, for a party of Herculean proportions! Today I’m in New York, off for an event on Long Island this evening. I’ll keep you posted!

Rick Riordan