Hello, Saint Louis

This is the view from my hotel window at the Four Seasons Saint Louis. Okay, so you can’t see the Arch, but it’s just to the right. You can see it from the other side of the building, and it’s pretty stunning. No sign of Echidna or demigods falling from the observation deck, but then again, I can’t see through the Mist.

In a few minutes I’m heading to the Saint Louis Library for an event. We’re expecting a huge crowd.

Thanks to everyone who came to the event last night in St. Paul, MN. The Red Balloon Bookshop did a great job organizing everything. We completely filled the St. Paul Church of Christ sanctuary next door. I’m told we had over 900 people. One young fan remarked on the irony of talking about Greek gods in the middle of a church (my signing table was right under the altar) but it seemed like a very cool and laid back church, so I don’t think they minded. My green room was the bridal room, which made me feel all beautiful. Okay . . . maybe not, but least they didn’t put me in the ‘crying room.’ Once again, tons of great comments from kids and parents. I was given artwork, letters, stories, even a CD of a school project. It was my first visit to Minnesota, and the people could not have been more welcoming. Thanks also to Rachel and her mom, who drove all the way from Duluth to interview me for Publisher’s Weekly.

We’re heading into the home stretch of the tour. After Saint Louis, it’s Raleigh tomorrow. I hear I’m speaking at Quail Ridge Books only a few hours after Elizabeth Edwards. That should be interesting. I hope our crowds don’t get switched. Then it’s on to South Florida, Atlanta, Dayton, and finally home for an event in San Antonio. I’m in marathon mode, just taking it one day at a time. The enthusiasm of the fans sure makes it easier to stay energized. Thanks, everyone, and hope to see you on the road.

Rick Riordan