Greetings from Vancouver

I’ve spent the morning doing television and newspaper interviews in this beautiful city. It’s my first visit, and what a great place. Everyone keeps apologizing for the cool rainy weather, but after steamy Texas this is a nice treat.

The Last Olympian tour has been incredible so far. Thanks to everyone who came out in Austin and Houston. Among the many gifts and notes people gave me during the signings: Sarah from Houston presented me with a cool Sculpey trident, Wes gave me a story “The Day I Saved the World,” Mariam gave me a drawing of Calypso, and Patricia, a mom, gave me a thank you note for bringing Percy and a love of books to her family. All priceless gifts. Thank you, guys! Also in Houston, I got to see Camille of BookMoot – always a pleasure!

On launch day, ABC World News Tonight came to BookPeople to film the event. If you didn’t catch it live, you can watch the segment here.

This afternoon I’m off to visit the set of the Lightning Thief movie, and then an event tonight for Kidsbooks Vancouver. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Rick Riordan