The Last Olympian Tour

Dates are now official for the Last Olympian tour! You can see the details on my web calendar. Just click the link and go to the month of May.

I’m looking forward to the events — sixteen cities in all! I get to revisit a lot of my favorite venues, but we’ve also managed to work in a lot of places I’ve never been to before. Canada for the first time — Vancouver! (Sorry, you guys in Toronto, nothing on your side of the country this time). I also get to do my first event in South Florida and several in the Midwest so you guys in the middle of the country don’t feel ignored! Dayton, St. Louis, St. Paul — I’ll be seeing you all soon.

The hardest part of a tour is always the places I don’t get to go. There are so many great bookstores in so many great cities, and alas there’s only one of me. Fortunately, I don’t make the decisions about where I go. I leave that to the publisher, because it would be too hard for me to choose. Certainly they’ve made the tour as long as they could, and we’ve packed in as much as we could. My family is already gearing up for the marathon of me being away for three solid weeks.

If I am not coming to a city near you, my apologies! There was just no way we could fit in everything. However, any of the host bookstores will be happy to take pre-orders for signed books. Contact them ahead of time. When I do the event, they will have your books waiting for me to personalize. They will then ship them to you after the book signing, or hold them for pick up.

If you are close to an event, I hope to see you in May! We’ll have a lot of fun.

Rick Riordan