More Last Olympian News

Yesterday I visited the Disney Publishing offices in White Plains, NY, where I saw the first finished copy of The Last Olympian hot off the presses. (This was an early production copy. Of course, the book will still not be available for sale until May 5.) The book looks beautiful! It’s definitely my favorite design so far, and it’s got some cool artwork details that you’ll have to wait and see.

I also got to see some great new Percy Jackson artwork commissioned for the May signing events. Check out the ‘Olympians, Gods and Monsters’ section of to see the Titan Hyperion and the goddess Hestia. More new pictures will be posted every couple of weeks.

Also news from the UK: Puffin Books will be sponsoring a Last Olympian competition to win a 4-night trip to New York (a.k.a. Mount Olympus)! Details will be stickered on each British copy of Last Olympian and will be available on the British Percy website. The competition runs until Aug. 31, 2009, and is only open the British and Irish fans. Stay tuned for more details.

Rick Riordan