The Last Olympian Cover — Blackjack Speaks Out!

An Interview with Blackjack the Pegasus

Percy: Hey, man. I hear you had the final say on our new book cover.

Blackjack: That’s right, boss! Looks pretty awesome, huh?

Percy: Um, I notice it’s a picture of you.

Blackjack: Well, sure, but if you look really close you’re in there too. How about those wings, huh? And I like the way my head tilts heroically to one side. It really plays up the best things about this book!

Percy: Like . . . you.

Blackjack: You’re making me blush, boss.

Percy: Hey, didn’t we already have a cover with you on it? The Titan’s Curse, right?

Blackjack: (whinnies) This is totally different. We’re flying, see? And we’re heading up to Mount Olympus to –

Percy: Whoa, big fella. Remember, we’re not supposed to give away the story.

Blackjack: I’m just saying . . . this is a different scene. Besides, boss, you can’t have only one cover with me. People would complain!

Percy: Annabeth’s only been on one cover. She’s like a tiny little dot on the Sea of Monsters.

Blackjack: Does she have beautiful black wings?

Percy: Well, no.

Blackjack: I rest my case. Anyway, this cover ties the series look together. You can tell it’s a Percy Jackson book with lots of action and adventure and cool close-ups of me. They do have photos of me inside, right?

Percy: Um, I’ll get back to you on that.

Blackjack: Besides, this cover is a different color than Titan’s Curse. They let me pick my favorite color, you know.

Percy: Let me guess: black.

Blackjack: With gold lettering! Looks good enough to eat, doesn’t it? Speaking of which, did you bring me a sugar cube?

Percy: You’re not supposed to have sugar cubes.

Blackjack: But I’m a star, boss. Look at the cover!

Percy: Whatever you say, buddy.


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