The Demigod Files and other spring books

My box of Demigod Files just arrived! The book isn’t out until Feb. 10, but I usually get my ‘free sample’ copies a few weeks early. The finished product looks awesome. That’s my favorite part of being an author — seeing a book finally complete, all shiny and new.

My favorite section of the book is The Sword of Hades. A lot of people have been asking me what happened to Thalia in the Battle of the Labyrinth, and why wasn’t she part of the story. The answer: There are so many characters in the series I felt I couldn’t include all of them without making the story unwieldy, so Thalia was off having her own adventures with the Hunters of Artemis. However, Thalia has an important part in Sword of Hades. It’s the first adventure featuring all three children of the Big Three: Thalia, Nico and Percy. I won’t say more than that, but it was fun to write.

My other favorite part was the sneak peek of The Last Olympian at the end. Of course, I know the story, but it still gives me a thrill to see the first section in print! May 5 will be here before I know it, and for those of you who are wondering, all the major characters will have parts in the book — Thalia, Nico, Grover, Tyson, Percy, Annabeth, and the rest of the gang.

On that note, stay tuned . . . We may have information about the cover soon.

Other books my family is looking forward to this spring:

The Sorceress, by Michael Scott. Third in the Nicholas Flamel series. This is one of Patrick’s favorites and we’ve been reading the books together. Great blend of fantasy and mythology. Excellent action scenes.

The Last Straw, by Jeff Kinney. Natch. The Wimpy Kid series is huge hit with Haley and me. Patrick hasn’t read them yet (my mom is borrowing our copy) but he came home yesterday saying, “Cheese Touch!” because everyone in his class has been reading the books. Now, of course, Patrick has to read the book so he can find out what that means. Brilliant stuff.

The Sword Thief, by Peter Lerangis. 39 Clues, volume 3. We have to catch up with our old friends Dan and Amy Cahill, of course! I can’t say anything about the plot, but within the story arc I designed, the idea for this volume was one of my favorites. I can’t wait to see how Peter brings it to life.

And that’s just off the top of my head. Should be good reading this spring!

Rick Riordan