Demigod of the Week

Thanks to several readers who alerted me to this article in the Frankfort State-Journal. Young Tahira and her family were recently displaced by an apartment fire, and Tahira said what she would miss most was her dog-eared copy of The Lightning Thief. We contacted the Red Cross, which is helping the displaced families, and sent them a care package of Percy books and T-shirts for Tahira to help replace what she lost. For persevering in difficult circumstances with a positive attitude (and the help of books!), Tahira is our demigod of the week. From the reports of people at the scene, I understand her father was an unsung hero, as well. He alerted the fire fighters to a woman and child who were still in the apartment building asleep, thus saving their lives. I’m glad Tahira’s family is safe — truly something to be thankful for on Thanksgiving — and I hope the New Year brings a new and better start for them. If you’d like to help out the local Red Cross too, the article has the address. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Rick Riordan