The Demigod Files

Coming Feb. 10 to a bookstore near you: Percy Jackson and the Olympians: THE DEMIGOD FILES!

If you can’t wait for THE LAST OLYMPIAN to arrive in May, this is the perfect book to tide you over. (“Tide” you over, get it? . . . little Poseidon humor there.)

The Demigod Files feature three Percy Jackson adventure stories to fill you in on what Percy does during the school year. You will see Thalia, Nico, Annabeth and all your favorites, plus cool new monsters, titans and godlings.

The Demigod Files also contain top secret exclusive interviews with characters from the series. What does Annabeth really think of Percy? Who would Clarisse most like to pulverize? What was the Stoll brothers’ greatest prank? What magic item would Percy most like to have if he couldn’t have Riptide? What is Grover’s favorite song to play on the reed pipes? You’ll find out the answers to these questions and more only in The Demigod Files.

You’ll also get to see pictures of the major characters, a map of camp, and many other cool graphics and games.

Look for The Demigod Files on Feb. 10, and of course remember that Percy 5: THE LAST OLYMPIAN, will be released May 5!

Rick Riordan