From the Mailbag

Thanks to everyone who wrote over the summer! Alissa from Goleta, CA sent the picture of Blackjack dreaming of donuts. She says horses actually do love donuts, because she’s tested it. I understand sugar is bad for them though, so I advised her to go easy on the experimentation! I like how Alissa envisions Blackjack with hummingbird wings.

Marie from Le Mars, Iowa sent the intricately decorated fan letter above. She obviously took a lot of time with that! Beautiful illustrations, Marie. Thank you for reading the Percy series.

Billy from Medina, OH wrote to tell me that I was his favorite author along with Shakespeare and J.K. Rowling. That’s pretty stratospheric company, Billy. I’m honored! I guess I’ll have to work on my iambic pentameter now so I can compose sonnets.

Nancy from Atlanta writes to say that she loves the series, but she is probably not my biggest fan because she does not wear T-shirts with my picture on them. We can all be grateful for that, Nancy! T-shirts with my picture would be much too scary. As long as you are enjoying the books, that’s all I care about.

That’s just a small sampling of the letters I got this month. You can probably tell why I love reading fan mail. I am constantly surprised and impressed by everyone’s comments and artwork. Thanks again, everybody, and good luck with the new school year!

Rick Riordan