Demigod of the Week

Thanks to Noelle, who sent this demigod profile she created for a character named Lucia, daughter of the ancient moon goddess Selene, shown here with her half-sister Pandia. Good job, Noelle! Selene would be proud.
Lucia White Profile~

-Name: Lucia (derived from the Latin word ‘lux’ meaning light.)

-Age: 26 (In the Lightning Thief)

-Nationality: American and Half-blood

-Love Interest: Chiron

-Description: Lucia has long silver-blonde hair that seems to emit a faint glow under the night sky; it hits just past her thigh and is slightly wavy at the ends. Her eyes are a very deep blue a reflection of the ink colored sky, seeming to hold the flickering orbs of the stars in their depths. Her skin is very pale with rosy cheeks, and often appears with vibrant red lips. She is 5” 4’ and has an hourglass figure with noticeable curves.

-Personality: Lucia is a very meek woman who is very awkward in social situations; due mostly because of her father’s severe over protectiveness. She has a hard time showing her feelings and often ends up in embarrassing situations. Although, she is a demigod she loathes battle and most of the times finds herself running away from violent confrontations unless one of her friends, family members, or resident of camp Half-Blood is in absolute trouble will she succumb to lopping off limbs. Despite her innocent appearance her lonely childhood made her turn to a profound way of thinking.

-Family: Her father is Jude White, a divorce lawyer, who tried his best to bring up his only daughter. He is very protective of Lucia even though she is hitting near thirty and doesn’t approve of her being associated with any gods, goddesses, creatures, or even other half-bloods for that matter and holds a grudge against her mother. Her mother is the lunar deity, Selene, who is the daughter of titans Hyperion and Theia.

-Camp Half-Blood: At Camp Half-Blood Lucia is part of the staff, almost like an aide, helping out around the residence.

-Powers and Abilities:
~Lucia is able to emit light from herself under a night sky or any other place that is swallowed in shadow.
~Lucia is able to see well in the dark, but her eyes are very sensitive in sunlight.
~Lucia can manipulate moonlight to heal her wounds.
~Lucia is excellent with a bow and arrow.

Rick Riordan