From the Mailbag

Over the weekend, I dug my way out of a mountain of fan mail that had been piling up since my May tour. Thanks to everyone who wrote!

Among the highlights, Ian from Chicago told me I was a ‘beastly writer.’ He assures me that ‘beastly’ is a good thing. Eric from Jasper, Indiana sent me a petition signed by all his friends asking me to visit their town. I doubt I will be able to, Eric, but I really appreciate the invitation and your enthusiasm! Jacob in St. Louis sent me the photo above because he wants to be demigod of the week. Congratulations, Jacob. You are! Our other demigod of the week is Alia from Oklahoma, the first person ever to send me a fan letter in the form of a graphic novel. You can see her work above. Thanks, Alia. I’m glad your family has enjoyed the books, and your dog likes Mrs. O’Leary!

I hope everyone has a lot of good books to get through the summer. Stay cool and have fun! I’m deep into revisions of Percy 5. More about that in a few months!

Rick Riordan