Traveling on Mother’s Day

A year ago, I was on tour during Mother’s Day, and here am again — on the road and thinking about my family back in Texas.

The dedication in Battle of the Labyrinth reads: “To Becky, who always leads me through the maze.” During this tour, hundreds of people have asked me who Becky is. She is, of course, my wonderful wife of almost twenty-three years. It’s entirely appropriate the novel be dedicated to her, because without Becky’s constant support and encouragement there would have been no Percy Jackson series. There would have been no sons to tell those stories to in the first place! And it would be impossible for me to be on tour without her holding down the fort, keeping me grounded, organized and sane, and being an incredible mother to the boys when I can’t be there. As great as it is to travel, meeting so many enthusiastic readers, my thoughts are always focused on home, because I’m blessed to have such a loving family. I may write the stories, but you can thank Becky for making them possible. I would be a poor human being without her. Like all wives and mothers, she doesn’t get told ‘thank you’ enough for all the work she does with such patience. So here’s to moms! We’d all be lost in the Labyrinth without them.

Tonight, I’m off to the Barnes & Noble in Skokie, then an event for Anderson’s Bookstore at the Downers Grove Library tomorrow night. See some of you there!

Rick Riordan