Percy in the UK

I feel like Tantalus today: my heart’s desire so close, and yet out of reach. After two weeks on the road, I got a single night at home and had to dash straight back to the airport the next morning. Now I’m in London for a week of touring in the UK. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. It’s always great to visit England, and so much amazing stuff has been happening with the series that I have yet to process it all. But as any traveler knows, living out of a suitcase can get wearying. I am looking forward to June when I can finally stop moving for a while and enjoy some time with my family (and catch up on my writing, too).

Saturday in Houston was a great way to wrap up the U.S. tour for Battle of the Labyrinth. I started the day at Blue Willow Bookshop, where the weather cooperated (unlike last year) and we got to hold the presentation outside. The staff made a cool labyrinth for the kids to explore and had a bunch of other activities to entertain our guests while they waited in the signing line. I’m told we had around 700 people. The store sold out all their copies of Labyrinth and gave out many bookplates for additional orders. Thanks to Valerie and the rest of the staff for their usual fabulous job running a smooth event, despite the massive crowd.

We then rushed down to the equally fabulous Murder by the Book for another crowd of hundreds. I don’t think the store could’ve packed in a single additional person! I had a great time meeting everyone, and once again the line moved smoothly and everyone seemed happy, despite the crazy size of the crowd.

Once more thank you to all the teachers, librarians, parents and kids who came out to the events across the U.S. I ended my two weeks exhausted but elated. Now if I can just muster energy for another week on tour! I’ve warned my friends at Puffin Books to have large amounts of caffeine ready. I will do my best to write another update when I get over my jet lag.

Happy reading, and I hope everyone has a great end of the school year!

Rick Riordan