Before the Storm

I already feel like I’m moving at eighty miles an hour, but the real fun starts with the book release on Tuesday!

In the meantime, now features a live ‘adventure’ section with downloadable activities and an online trivia challenge. If your school, library or bookstore is planning a Percy party, check these out! The Camp Half-Blood sweepstakes are going strong from what I hear. If you haven’t entered yet for a chance to win a spot at this summer’s demigod camp in Austin, it’s not too late. Visit the website for full details.

Thanks to Makai in Oregon, who let me know that the Lightning Thief has won the Pacific Northwest Library Association’s Young Readers Choice Award for grades 6-8. As I understand it, the award covers all the northwestern U.S. states as well as the western Canadian provinces. I’m honored, and I appreciate all the young readers who voted!

Next week, will be re-launching with a brand new look. Stay tuned for that.

May is going to be absolutely insane for me. I don’t think I’m in the same city for longer than twenty-four hours the entire month, so do not be surprised if I’m not able to respond to email, but I will blog as often as I can and keep you updated on my travel and events.

The United Kingdom portion of the tour (for the paperback release of Titan’s Curse) has now been finalized. Check the web calendar for details. Many of the events are private presentations at schools, but there are three public events scheduled, and all fans are welcome:

Wednesday, May 21, 6 PM
Charles Street Community Centre
16 Charles St
Newport NP20 1JU

Thursday, May 22, 7 PM
Coventry Central Library
Smithford Way
Coventry CV1 1FY

Saturday, May 24, 11 AM
Tales on Moon Lane, public bookstore signing
25 Half Moon Lane
London SE24 9JU

At the moment, I’m wrapping up some final business before launch day, like responding to a load of great fan mail from schools. Hopefully I can get to everyone, because if I don’t finish this weekend, it’ll be mid-June before I get back to it, and everyone will be gone for the summer. So if you sent me a letter recently from a school address and don’t get an answer, that’s probably why! Special thanks to Mitchell, who wrote that he is not just a huge fan. He is a BROBDINGNABIAN fan. That’s not an adjective I hear a lot, but Jonathan Swift would be proud!

Three days until Percy’s latest battle begins. I’ll see you on the tour, campers . . . or in the tunnels of the Labyrinth. Happy reading!

Rick Riordan