Tour Dates Posted

The Battle of the Labyrinth complete May tour dates in the U.S. are now available on my web calendar. All dates, locations and times are confirmed. You can find out information about each event by going to May and clicking on the event you want. Some of these appearances require reservations (though all are free and open to the public) so you might want to check with the bookstore in advance. I look forward to seeing you on the tour!
I will be posting information about the UK leg of the tour as soon as I get final details. Stay tuned for that. The publication schedule for the United Kingdom is a little different. The Titan’s Curse will be released in paperback on May 3. The Battle of the Labyrinth will be released July 3. Sorry for the longer wait, British fans. The books will have the newly designed covers above. There’s been some confusion about these covers, so to be clear: These new covers are only for the UK market. The American covers have not changed.

And another piece of news since yesterday: Another state has reported in. The Lightning Thief just won the Virginia Readers Choice Award for middle school! That’s twelve states. Hmm, so how many superdelegates do I have so far?

Rick Riordan