Demigods of the Week

Thanks to Ms. Kue’s fourth grade class in Fort Worth! We emailed back and forth a couple of times and I sent the kids some Labyrinth t-shirts. In response they’ve been creating their own Percy fan site. Check it out! Ms. Kue says it’s a work in progress but it’s looking great. They have a question and answer section, and so here are the answers you asked for — just for you demigods of the week!

1) Q Mr. Riordan, will Percy and RED become good friends?

RED is Percy-speak for Rachel Elizabeth Dare. I will tell you that RED plays a major role in Battle of the Labyrinth. What exactly — wait and see!
2) Q Mr. Riordan, will you ever add a griffin to your stories?

Griffins were known to the Ancient Greeks, who called them gryphoi, or gryps. I have no immediate plans to include griffins in the stories, but who knows — perhaps some day!
3) Q Perseus really cared about his mom. Is that why you named Percy Percy?

Percy’s mom named him after the Ancient Greek hero Perseus, even though the original Perseus was a son of Zeus, because Perseus is one of the very few Greek heroes who gets a happy ending (at least, according to some versions). Percy’s mom is hoping Percy will get a happy ending too.

Rick Riordan