Tour Dates Posted!

Today marks two months exactly until Battle of the Labyrinth is released!

This news hot off the presses — a few minutes ago I received the first information about where I will be going for the Battle of the Labyrinth U.S. tour in May. The list is not yet complete. I don’t have exact times, and locations for a few days have yet to be confirmed, but you can check out what is available so far on the website’s calendar.

The hardest thing about touring is not the places I go, but all the places I don’t get to visit. If you don’t see your city listed in May, chances are I’m not going there. There are so many great bookstores and great cities, but we only have two weeks, and it just isn’t possible to get everywhere. I couldn’t possibly pick, which is why I’m glad the publisher is in charge of that. I know the good folks at Hyperion have tried their best to spread my time around the country.

If I’m not appearing at a store near you, remember that any of the stores hosting me will be very happy to take orders in advance for personalized books. If you contact one of these stores before my appearance, they can get a book (or books) signed and shipped to you. It’s also possible your neighborhood store can get signed bookplates from the publisher. We ship out hundreds every year.

One fun addition to this year’s tour: Radio Disney will be joining the party. They will have “street teams” at many of my events, giving away prizes, playing music, hosting games, and generally getting the crowd pumped up before the signing. There will also be a sweepstakes happening that you can participate in on-line (I can’t say very much about this yet — but more info. soon) with a fantastic grand prize that involves Camp Half-Blood . . .

It’s going to be an amazing, crazy month. I look forward to seeing a lot of you on the road! I’ll post more information as it becomes available. I’m psyched!

Rick Riordan