Demigod of the Week

Our demigod of the week is Brian, whose mom sent this picture to show he will go to any length, and risk bodily injury, to finish a Percy Jackson book.

His mom reports: “Brian was so absorbed in reading Sea of Monsters at his brother’s basketball game that he didn’t notice when the ball sailed into the stands and towards his head. I yelled and he shifted in his seat so he wasn’t hit (whew) but he kept reading the book even when the players were climbing around him to get the ball—which had come to a rest behind his head.”

She goes on to say Brian will be getting Battle of the Labyrinth for his birthday, and she’ll make sure he has a safe place to read it, or at least the proper Greek armor!

Thanks for reading, Brian. Percy Jackson did warn you that reading his books could be dangerous, but I doubt this is what he meant!

Rick Riordan