A Snowy Day in Nashville

I just finished up a visit at the Ensworth School in Nashville, TN. Silly me, I got on the plane yesterday figuring the weather wouldn’t be too different in Nashville than in Texas. We’ve been having days in the 60s and 70s, so I brought slacks and polo shirts. I stepped off the plane yesterday evening and found myself in the middle of a snowstorm.

It’s actually been quite beautiful — big fluffy flakes, but the ground is not cold enough for it to stick, so travel back shouldn’t be a problem. I enjoyed my time at Ensworth. I got to meet all grades from 2-8, including some informal time visiting with the third and seventh graders, who study mythology. A great group of kids! The third graders shared their original group myths, based on the hero’s journey. That’s a teaching idea I would definitely use if I still had my own classroom. Thanks to Dean Schneider and the rest of the staff for hosting me!

Next week, I’m off to Southern California. Hopefully it doesn’t snow . . . I’ll be doing a public book signing at Whale of a Tale Bookshoppe in Orange County on Monday, March 3 at 5 PM. If you’re in the area, come on by. I’ll be doing a reading from Battle of the Labyrinth and giving out some of the cool new black Labyrinth T-shirts.

And now, back on the plane home. Patrick’s birthday is tomorrow, and I never miss that! Hey, who can say no to ice cream cake?

Rick Riordan