Demigod of the Week

So there I was, going through email from the webmaster, when I came across the subject line, “Percy Jackson word problems.” My first reaction was to groan. No doubt this was an email from someone who wanted to nitpick grammatical mistakes in The Lightning Thief. I almost didn’t read the email, but I opened it up, only to find the most wonderful fan letter from Bianca, a third-grader, who had made up some math word problems based on the Percy Jackson series with her mom. What a great idea to mix English and math! Bianca gave me permission to share these with other readers, so the word problems are posted here. Bianca also told me that The Battle of the Labyrinth comes out on her birthday, May 6. That’s a good omen for sure. Thanks for your email, Bianca. You are the demigod of the week!

Rick Riordan