One Week Until Percy 4’s Title is Unveiled

Lately I get one question more than any other: What is the title for Percy 4? This past month, I’ve had to disappoint a lot of school kids as I do my visits around the country, because the title is secret . . . until next Thursday. October 4, the title will be announced by Publisher’s Weekly, and I’ll post it on my website, along with the cover and a brief description.

I will not be posting an audio sample of the first chapter — not yet, anyway. Expect that in a couple of months! And let me be clear, as some eager fans have leaped to false conclusions: This does not mean Percy 4 will be available on Oct. 4. No, no, no. The book itself will not be released until May 6. Sorry for the wait, but I hope it will be worth it once May arrives.

Percy 4 has been under a tight veil of secrecy, because we’re getting to that point in the series where I don’t want anyone to know what’s happening before the book is actually released. Like many readers, I hate spoilers! That’s why there will no be advance reader copies printed. Booksellers will be obliged to observe to official date-of-sale, May 6. But oh boy, I can’t wait until May! It’s going to be a lot of fun.

Happy reading, and check back in a week for more info!

Rick Riordan