Raccoon Alert

This is completely random, but I thought it was funny. My mom has a window in her kitchen that looks out on the backyard. A few years ago, we bought her a birdfeeder to hang outside the window. This particular feeder is called a “Yankee Flipper” because it’s designed to keep the squirrels from stealing the birdseed. If an animal heavier than a bird, like a squirrel, tries to sit on the ring, the ring spins around and flips them off. This doesn’t hurt them, but it does make for some amusing moments around the kitchen table when we go over for breakfast every Sunday. THWACK! Another squirrel hits the window. Raccoons, however, are very smart animals. The one in the photo found a way to stay on the Yankee Flipper and not get flipped. I wasn’t there at the time, but apparently he pigged out of sunflower seeds and was not impressed when my stepfather tried to shoo him away. He was quite happy to pose for photos, then went back to pigging out.

Rick Riordan