Percy 4 Update

My posting has slowed down over the last couple of weeks. I’d like to say that’s because I’m resting, but in fact I’ve been very busy writing on a number of projects.

I just got Percy 4 back from my editor yesterday. I’m working on the revisions, which are thankfully pretty light. I’m still mulling over the perfect title, so don’t expect an announcement on that for a couple of weeks at least. I’m happy with the book, and it’s gotten an enthusiastic ‘thumbs up’ from my editor and agent as well as (most importantly) my sons, so that’s a good start. The publication date for the U.S. has tentatively been set for May 6, 2008. If that changes, I’ll let you know. I imagine the publication for the U.K. will be the same or very close, since Puffin has asked me to do the British tour at the end of May 2008.

Other news: my next adult novel, Rebel Island, comes out August 28. I’m looking forward to visiting Murder by the Book in Houston for the official launch. The rest of the summer I’ll be working on several books at the same time, so if I don’t post as often, you know why!

Also, some of you may have noticed that I removed my email address from the website. I had very mixed feelings about doing this. I absolutely love hearing from readers. Unfortunately, it was getting to the point that Becky and I together were spending 3-4 hours a day just trying to respond to all the email coming in (I kid you not — the volume was nuts). It got to the point where I could either spend my day answering emails or writing the next book. I decided the book was probably what I needed to do! There were also, I’m sorry to say, a few silly, inappropriate emails among the many wonderful and heartfelt emails, and I finally thought, “I don’t need to deal with this. I don’t want Becky to deal with this.” And so it’s no longer possible to email me directly. If you send in a fan email to the old address, do not expect a response. There is information on the website about how to send regular snail mail (yes, I will always read fan letters!) and how to get in touch with the publisher and/or my agents for business matters. Perhaps at some point I’ll be able to make myself more accessible again via email, but right now I’ve got to keep my nose to the grindstone and meet those deadlines. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

I hope everyone is having a great summer! Read a lot and rest up. School will be here before we know it!

Rick Riordan