Okay, wowza is not a word I usually use, but I just heard from my editor Jen Besser that The Titan’s Curse will debut next week at #1 on the New York Times children’s bestseller list! To crack the series list at all would’ve made my month, but #1? Holy schmokes.

After the Lightning Thief made the paperback NYT list a couple of months ago, I was suddenly in the odd position of having realized a life-long goal. I had always hoped that some day I’d be able to say I was a New York Times bestselling author. After it actually happened, I thought, “Well, what’s my goal now?” So I started thinking that perhaps, many years down the road, I could work my way up to being a #1 bestselling author, perhaps after the Harry Potter series had run its course and there was more breathing room on the lists. I never dreamed my second “life goal” would be realized two months later. I’m a bit speechless.

Thanks to everyone who has adopted the series as their own. I’ve gotten so many amazing emails and letters over the last few weeks from teachers, parents and kids. I love hearing that Percy is getting children to read, especially reluctant readers. The teacher in me still thinks that is the greatest feedback I could possibly get.

Now off to Third Place Books for my evening signing. Tomorrow, on to another one of my favorite places in the world — San Francisco! I hope they will forgive me for parking the evil home of the Titans, Mount Othrys, right across the Bay. I’ll keep you posted!

Rick Riordan