Percy Four Update

A beautiful spring day in Texas! Gorgeous weather for the Texas Library Association meeting, which I’ll be attending tomorrow. In the meantime, I’ve spent the last few days at home finishing the third draft (which means “almost readable”) of Percy Jackson 4. I just printed the manuscript for the first time. Title? Not solidified yet, though I have some ideas. All I can tell you so far: It weighs in at 365 pages, making it the longest Percy adventure since Lightning Thief, which was 375, and it involves the most dangerous place in all of Greek mythology: the Labyrinth. Ah, but don’t get any preconceptions about what I mean by the Labyrinth. Wait until you see what it’s become in the 21st Century. Next step: I’ll be reading it to Haley and Patrick this weekend. It has to pass the “real kid test” before it goes any further. Doubtless, there will be many revisions based on their impressions. More updates to come . . .

Rick Riordan