Good News from Vegas

So there we are, standing in line at the Hertz rental car counter in Las Vegas, when my phone rings. It’s my publicist from New York with the news that The Lightning Thief will appear at #6 on the NEW YORK TIMES Paperback Bestseller List on Sunday, March 25! Woohoo!

Now we really have something to celebrate! I can’t imagine more amazing news. Making the NYT list is something I’ve always dreamed about (very quietly, because I didn’t think it would ever really happen), but I didn’t expect it to happen with Lightning Thief almost two years after publication. A HUGE reason for that is you, the readers. All those word-of-mouth recommendations from one kid to another, and from the librarians and booksellers who have championed the books — all of that has begun to snowball in a big way. Percy Jackson has really been a grassroots series, and I am so grateful to the readers who have passed along the word! Thanks to all of you!

Rick Riordan