Titan’s Curse Costume Party

Recently I’ve gotten a lot of emails from fans who say they’re planning to dress up as Greek gods or Camp Half-Blood characters and head down to their local bookstores for the launch of Titan’s Curse on May 1. That’s very cool! If you and your friends are planning to dress up, get your parents’ permission and send me a photo of yourself in costume (please send it after May 1 only). I will post it to the forthcoming Demigod Hall of Fame on my website. (Only your first name and your city will be posted with the picture). I’ll do a random drawing at the end of May, and five winners will get a free Camp Half-Blood T-shirt. Not sure if a bookstore in your area is planning a Percy Party for the book launch? Call and ask if they’d be willing to! Most stores have community relations managers that can arrange special events like this. Whatever store you go to, it’s a good idea to call a couple of weeks in advance to make sure they will have enough books in stock!

Rick Riordan