Haley’s Latest Read

My son Haley recently finished Airborn by Kenneth Oppel. Below is his review.

Airborn is great book. The book is about a boy named Matt in a world with blimps instead of planes. Matt works on a luxury ship called the Aurora. The Aurora is on its way to Sydney when things go horribly wrong. Matt, the cabin boy, has to save the crew of the ship from certain disaster.

One of my favorite parts of the book is when the Aurora is boarded by pirates. The pirates take all of their valuables and get off into their airship. But as they are leaving they shred the side of the Aurora with the propeller. And the Aurora crashes down onto an uncharted island.

There are many interesting characters in the book like Kate whose grandfather was about to uncover a winged creature that spends its whole life in the air. She goes on the Aurora to see the creatures her grandfather wrote about in his log. There is also Kate’s chaperone Ms. Simpkins who absolutely hates Matt. Kate’s grandfather’s journal plays a big part in the book because it tells Matt about what Kate’s grandfather saw on his voyage.

Over all I think this is a pretty good book. It starts out getting straight to the plot and is a real page-turner. I did not find anything I didn’t like in this book and I give it two thumbs up.

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