Haley’s Latest Read

My son Haley just finished reading Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett. His review is below.

Wintersmith Review
by Haley Riordan

The book Wintersmith is really interesting. It is a good blend of comedy and magic. It is about a girl named Tiffany who is a witch and gets caught in the dance of the seasons. She is mixed up for the spirit of summer and the spirit of winter falls in love with her so she has to find out how to fight him or the whole world will freeze. One of my favorite parts in the book is when a little blue man Rob Anybody the feegle and his friends all pile up in a suit of armor and try to train Roland, one of Tiffany’s friends, so he can save her. The beginning was really good. It was kind of like a flash forward, showing what was going to happen. It was really suspenseful but kind of gives away the ending.

I read the other two books in the series over the summer. They were good but I tell you, this one takes the cake. The first one was slow with some good parts, the second book was great with some slow parts, but the third book is great all around.

Rick Riordan