Haley’s Recent Reads

My son Haley, eleven years old, offers his opinion on his most recent read, Terry Pratchet’s A Hat Full of Sky.

A Hat Full of Sky Review
by Haley Riordan

If you are into comedy and magic A Hat Full of Sky is a book for you. The story is about a girl named Tiffany who is a witch and goes to get a mentor, but then a mind-controlling demon the hiver chases her. Meanwhile her friends the Nac Mac Feegle, four-inch fairies with attitude, are trying to save her. In the book the Nac Mac Feegle try to save her by going into the mountains standing on each other’s shoulders dressed as a man riding from stage coach to stage coach trying to get up the mountain. When the hiver gets in Tiffany’s head the Nac Mac Feegle have to also go in and kick out the hiver. Also in the book Tiffany finds out a secret about the hiver that no one else has found out before.

The book has a few good jokes in it that are really great. In some parts it’s kind of slow but still a great read. My favorite character in the book is Rob Anybody the feegle because he is really funny and puts in some good jokes, like once he was in a bath and saw a duck and Miss Level (Tiffany’s mentor) put her ear to the door and she heard, “What ar yu looking at yu scunner,” and then she hears a bubbling and a sinking noise. The book gets slow at the very end. When Tiffany gets rid of the hiver its just talk talk talk. My favorite part is when the hiver takes over Tiffany and she has to fight it. Even though some parts are slow it’s a great book and I really had a good time reading it.

Rick Riordan