Camp Half-Blood For Real!

This week BookPeople in Austin is hosting the first ever summer camp based on the Percy Jackson series. Camp Half-Blood, Austin branch, convened on Saturday night with a claiming ceremony. I was fortunate enough to attend for some fabulous entertain. Grover Underwood was present. He brought the Oracle of Delphi with him. The Oracle told all the kids which god claimed them. There was food, Greek dancing and lots of merriment. Percy Jackson phoned in with a special message for his fellow half-bloods. This week, the campers are doing all sorts of amazing activities like capture the flag and labyrinth building. Check out the link below for Barry Jacobsen, the camp weapons master, who flew in from San Diego to teach the kids about Greek-style fighting techniques. How cool is that! Sort far, no injuries have been reported . . .

Rick Riordan